Small Parts CNC E-Flite UMX Carbon Cub SS Aluminum Prop Adapter

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This adapter is very strong and light.

No more worries of breaking a prop adapter from propeller strikes during take off or landing.  Fly more confident with less maintenance in the field.

This is designed to be a 100% stock replacement for the stock plastic prop adapter.  Simply bolt on, attach the prop, and you are ready to fly.

Comes with all new high quality hardware to mount the adapter and prop.


  1. Attach new propeller adapter to motor utilizing the (3)  M1.6 x 3mm supplied screws.
  2. Slip prop onto adapter and secure with M2 washer and M2 x 4mm supplied screw.
      (Please note that the stock backing plate or spacer should be installed were applicable)

Included: 1 -  E-Flite UMX (long) Aluminum Propeller Adapter, 3 - M1.6 x 3mm screws, 1 - M2 x 4mm screw, 1 - M2 washer.

Weight: 0.5g


- This is the long version adapter specifically for the Carbon Cub SS.
- Always check and adjust center of gravity after any alternations to your model.