RC Pilot Supply DJI Phantom 1 2 3 / Chroma / 3DR Solo Speedy Prop Balance Rod

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The Speedy® Prop Rod - PR-1 is a 5” long Prop Rod made from an accurately machined rod of aircraft grade aluminum that is precision threaded on both ends to 6mm on a $150,000 CNC lathe to a tolerance of .0005” (1/2 thousandths!) On the CNC lathe the rod is held in place with a friction collet to protect the extra smooth surface of the rod so it can roll freely for precision balancing. The left hand thread for the black nosed CCW DJI props is indicated by the 3mm shallow channel milled near the end of the threads and is easily visible.

The Prop Rod is designed for use specifically on the Speedy® Prop Balancer but can also be used on other balancing devices such as the DU-BRO brand and others.