Apex RC Products Traxxas Alias 8.5mmX20mm Fast 14,000kv / 52,400rpm Upgraded CW CCW Motor Set W/ 11T Pinon Gears #9080

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  • INCLUDES: 2CW & 2CCW Motors POWERFUL: 52,400rpm / 14,000kv
  • INCLUDES: 11T Plastic Pinions - Quieter Than The Stock Gears
  • JST-PHR2 Connectors On The Motors - Plug Right Into The Traxxas Aton Board
  • Excellent Upgrading Your Traxxas Alias To More Powerful Motors - Also Works On Many Other Quads That Use 8.5mm X 20mm Motors
  • For best results we recommend breaking in the motors first by going no more than 75% throttle for the first few flights. This will help to seat the brushes on the motor commutator, and will extend the life of the motors.